Safe Walk for Students

Safe Walk for Students

Need a safe walk home?

From the hours of 6 pm - 2 am, students can ask an Ambassador for a Safe Walk home. Ambassadors are trained and screened through background checks. Last semester they provided approximately 1,700 walking escorts.

Students can request a Safe Walk by

  • walking up to an Ambassador on patrol 
  • going into the Public Safety Substation on the Corner 
  • calling 434-984-7622, extension 406

The best approach is to make a plan for getting home safety before heading out at night. Don't leave friends behind or let them leave early to walk home alone. Don't walk alone or let friends walk alone at night.

Students have several other options for not walking alone after dark:

safe walk infographic: Night Pilot 10pm-2pm; On demand 10pm-5pm; Safe Walk 6pm-2am; Charge A Ride 24/7




Ambassador Jamie
A UVA Ambassador on the University Corner