A Look Inside the Ambassador Program at UVA

A Look Inside the Ambassador Program at UVA

The Ambassador Program was implemented in February 2015 to enhance safety in the Ambassador Patrol Zone through high visibility and engagement between the Ambassadors and the public.

Ambassador services include:

  • Walking, bicycle and vehicle patrols
  • Stationary positions within the patrol zone
  • Walking escorts
  • Provide information and directions
  • Identify individuals in distress or in need of assistance
  • Engage members of the community in conversations about safety and prevention

As UVA's "eyes and ears on the Grounds" Ambassadors alert police to hazards, medical emergencies or other possible criminal activity.

Community and personal safety is a top priority at UVA.  While the Ambassadors are a proactive and engaging piece of this, everyone has to play a part.  Report suspicious or concerning activity.  Be alert and aware of your surroundings.  Be an active bystander if a situation doesn’t seem right.  

The Ambassadors do not have law enforcement power and are not a replacement for 911.  However, if you feel that you or someone else is in need of assistance or has a question, the Ambassadors are there to help.  Stop and talk to an Ambassador today!